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Having your own garden is not as hard as you may think and having successful harvests just takes some basic knowledge. Here are some basic tips to help you get started.

Choose a location with abundant sun light throughout the entire day. The more sun the better your garden will be. Have the soil tested by the Volusia County Ag Center to see what you have to start with as far as pH and nutrient content. pH should be 6.2 for best results. Tests are only a dollar or two.

Till and amend your garden soil at least one month before planting. Amending the soil with composted material is the best. Load it up with composted grass clippings, leaves, manures and old produce, the more the better. If you can supply enough compost and manure you will not need commercial fertilizers. If you do need fertilizer seek out organic products. They are available. Call us if you can't find them.

After the soil has been prepared and sat for a month to let the microbial activity perform their process of breaking down material and converting it to usable food and the weather will no longer deliver any freezing temperatures it is time to plant. You can start seeds in trays or pots either indoors (freeze protection) or outdoors or plant directly into the soil.

Choose the right crops for the right time of year and seek out Heirloom seeds for the "old fashion" taste that we all miss. In some cases new hybrid seed may be better for some varieties. After planting keep the weeds out, provide the correct amount of water. Over watering is common. Only when the top inch or two of soil dries out is it time to water.

Insects don't wake up and become a big problem until April. When they do fight them with 1 tbsp of Wesson oil and 1 tbsp of liquid dish soap (non-anti bacterial) mixed into 1 gallon of water. Shake well and put into a spray bottle or pump up sprayer. Like insecticides this potion works only by conact. You must get it on the insect to kill.

For bigger insects like caterpillars use Dipel (Thuricide) which is a biological control and completely safe for human consumption. Halfway through the veggies growing cyle ammend the soil with another addition of fertilizer. Stake and prune plants as needed.



Directions to our Nursery.

University of Florida
Link to IFAS and tons of growing info provided by University of Florida.

Volusia County Ag Center
Services provided by Florida Agricultural Extention Service.