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We are commercial beekeepers. We have thousands of hives on more than 35 sites throughout Volusia County and we are the only beekeepers in the State of Florida that have legal permitted access to the world famous Mosquito Lagoon. We produce raw local organic honey and we sell bees and bee equipment. Currently we produce approximately 200,000 pounds of honey each year from within Volusia County!


We harvest 3 times a year. Spring, summer and fall. We produce Wildflower, Orange Blossom, Saw Palmetto, Palm, Black Mangrove and Brazilian Pepper honey. Our award winning monofloral Black Mangrove Honey is awesomely good and very unique. Unlike any honey you have ever tasted. We are the only mass producers of this newly re-discovered source that may be the best honey that has ever touched your lips!

We sell Honey, Beekeeping equipment, Bees, Queen Bees, and we give free lessons to new beekeepers and tours of our facility to interested customers.

(Orange Blossom Honey has become very hard to make or find due to the devastating effects of the disease called Citrus Greening. The citrus grove owners have increased the frequency of their insecticidal spray programs to combat the insect that spreads the disease causing beekeepers to not be able to place their beehives in the groves to make orange blossom honey. It is priced differently and only sold by the bottle.)

Our product pricing is as follows:

1 pound glass jar @ $10.00 each (Orange Blossom @ $15)

1 case of 12 one pound glass jars @ $75.00 per case.

5 gallon buckets holding 60 pounds @ $250.00 each.

55 gallon drums holding 650 pounds @ $1,950.00.

Multiple drum pricing will be negotiated.

We Ship!

Shipping prices vary depending on your location. You can come directly to the Nursery to purchase or patronize the stores we supply throughout the State of Florida. They are:

In New Smyrna visit Heath's Health Foods, G A Dolly's Gifts, JB's Fish Camp, Ocean Seafoods, Norwoods, Little's Pharmacy and Fountain, The Ring Gallery, Lotsapananche Boutique Port Orange, Love's Whole Foods in Port Orange and Ormond Beach, Dancing Avocado Kitchen, and The Olive Oil Emporium in Daytona.

Our hours are 7:30AM till 3:30PM Monday through Friday. It is best to call and let us know you are coming. Special times can be made by request.

Our Location and directions (Click on the picture):

617 Ingham Road, New Smyrna Beach, Florida 32168

SS Map

Capped honey still on frame.

Capped Frame

Looking For Queen

Black Mangrove Plants beginning to bud and flower. 10,000 acres!

Mangrove Plants

We have lots of hives!

Hive stack

Mangrove Bottle